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Forest School’s a quick glimpse

Today we celebrated Chinese New Year by making paper chain dragons and cooking spring rolls. We learnt new hygiene and food preparation skills and had a great time! We enjoyed tasting them, once they had been cooked, most of all.

Christingles - today we made Christingles and learnt which each part of the Christingle represented. We learnt that the orange represents the world, the red ribbon represents the blood of Jesus, the cocktail sticks represent the 4 compass directions and the four seasons, the sweets represent the fruits of the Earth and the candle represents Jesus as the Light of the World. We then lit the Christingles and took some time to remember Jesus and celebrate his birth.

Diwali Dance Workshop

Today we looked at different scientific theories in relation to the shape of the Earth. We discovered that some theorists believed the Earth was flat and some thought it was a sphere. We looked at Aristotle's theory of the shape of the Earth (sphere) and how he came to this theory based on ships, constellations of stars and the moon. What shape do you think Earth is and why?

Playground Leader Training

Year 5's Traffic Survey of surrounding roads. The children were a credit to the school and had great fun counting vehicles in 3 locations near to school.

Investigating old maps of Hadfield from 1899,1954,1982 and present day.