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Week beginning 8th June

Monday 8th June






Guided Reading 


This is on Education City – 

‘Head in the Clouds’


This is based on how quickly you can read words and then select them




From now, we will be following the BBC bitesize English Lessons. 


Todays learning is on ‘Word Endings’ 


Here is the link to this lesson:





A recap and ‘Unit Fractions’ 



Our topic at the moment is “Women in History’


We have looked at some very significant individuals over the last few topic lessons. 

Today I want you to answer this question.


‘Why did Rosa Parks do what she did?’


You can answer it in anyway, a poster, a drawing, a story/diary entry.. anyway you wish!











Tuesday 9th June



Guided Reading 

This is on Education City – 

‘Hedgehog and the Mouse’


This is going to test your prediction skills!



This is on contractions! 



This is on non-unit fractions! We have covered these – just a recap! 


Read this:


Faye asked her big brother David if he would play football with her.  David explained that football has rules and that you have to keep the rules to play properly.  Faye was only four, so she did not understand about the rules of football.  David explained simply that she had to try to get the ball and kick it into the net.  David knew he had to be patient with Faye.  Faye ran round making silly noises, kicked David and picked up the ball and ran up the garden path.  When she came back David asked her whether she wanted to play with the other boys and girls in the park.  “Yes, yes,” replied Faye.  “Right,” said David, “well if you are going to play with others you have to learn some rules, or no one will want to play with you.”


David told Faye she must kick the ball and not pick it up, she was to keep on the pitch and not hurt other players.  Faye understood and tried hard when she and David practised.  The next week Faye was joining in the game with other boys and girls in the park.  She really enjoyed herself.  David was proud of her.


Answer these questions:
- What new rules did Faye learn? 

- Why were they important?

- What do you think of David? 

- What made Faye happy?

- What would have happened if Faye had not followed the rules when she played with the others?




Make a list of the rules of a particular sport or a club and say why they are necessary.









Guided Reading 

This is on Education City – 

‘By the Book’


Reading comprehension. 



This is on how to summarise key parts of a text. Have a good go at all of the parts of this lesson and stick with it!



Number bonds to 10 and 20 today please! Send me your best scores. 



This is on animal groups – lets just do a quick recap before we move on in our Science learning!  





Guided Reading 

This is on Education City – 

‘Exploring an Information Book’


This is on looking at an information book to find out what it could be about.



This is answering questions based on examples of text. 



Times tables today please! Practise the 2 times table, 5 times table and the 10 times table. 


Please see the additional resources for today’s Whole School PSHE Lesson.   



Guided Reading 

Read your favourite book to someone at home!


It can be any book! My favourite books to read are the Harry Potter Series…


Can you draw and label a character from your book? Can you ask your grown-ups if they can guess which book the character is from?



This lesson is about how you can use the text to see if statements are True or False.


This is something we do a lot, not just in school but everyday life! Give it your best go! 



DOUBLES today please. 

Practise them to 10 to begin with to gain some confidence then work your way to 50 – extra challenge: can you try them to 100?


Please see the Art section of the home learning page for today’s lesson.