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Week beginning 11th May

Monday 11th May 


Guided Reading 


Wilderness Pasture – Exploring an information text.


This is on Education City – finding out more information by usong a front cover, a blurb and a glossary!


Phonics / SPG


Holiday Reading – proofreading


Have a go and see if you read a variety of sentences. Select the sentences with the correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.


This is on Education City.



In the addition resources there is a story setting sheet. Use the key words and see if you can describe the setting. Think about the colours, what it looks like and who might live there(?!)


Don’t forget your capital letters, full stops and expanded noun phrases! 


Working out how to give change!


Following on from last week’s learning with money, today have a go at this BBC Leson on giving change!



Last week we looked at Florence Nightingale. Today we are going to lok at Mary Seacole.



Then answer these questions:

  1. Where was Mary born?
  2. What war did she want to go and help in?
  3. What was the name of the hospital she built?


Now, I want you to have a go at making something to show what you have learnt about Mary Seacole. It could be a picture, a model, a hospital drawing – absolutely anything! Let your imaginations run wild and showcase your topic learning from today!

Tuesday 12th May 



Guided Reading 


We are going to start our new chapter book today in Guided Reading – The Hodgeheg.


In the additional resources, there is a PDF of the entire book and the questions today will be based on Chapter 1.



What is a ‘ma’ and a ‘pa’?



How did Auntie Betty die?



Where is home?



Why does Ma say ‘not in front of the children’?



Would you like to eat a grass snake? Why?



Phonics / SPG

Paws for Effect.


This is on Education City – under Tuesday 12th May 



Using your topic learning from yesterday. 


Today you are going to pretend to be Mary Seacole. 


You are going to write a diary entry about her boat journey to England to offer her services to Florence Nightingale. 


How did you feel when you were told you were not needed to help? Did this make you want to succeed more? What is your next plan? How was the boat journey? Describe the sea! 


Here is my example of excellence, you can magpie ideas from here! 


Dear Diary,
Today was long. The boat set off in the most unsettling way, bouncing over the blue crashing waves with such speed. I thought I was going to fall overboard. The other people on the ship were not very friendly, their scruffy, unwashed clothes smelt like rubbish and I am sure I saw a large, brown rat running around the ship. I feel so nervous at the thought of helping Florence Nightingale, she is someone I admire. 



Have a look at this on BBC  Bitesize. 


Stand facing one point in the room. Then do a ¼ turn clockwise. Then another… 

What do you notice?


Read This story


The missing cat

‘Snowy, Snowy!’ called Lucy.  “Mummy, I can’t find Snowy anywhere.  She’s been out all night.”  When Lucy came home from school, she asked, “Has Snowy come back?” “No, she hasn’t,” said Mum.  “I’m beginning to get worried about her, cats often go off, but not for so long.  What do you think we should do?”  “Can we put a notice in the corner shop and tell the police?” suggested Lucy.


“Good idea,” said Mummy.  “Ask Daddy to help you write out the notice and to phone the police.”  Lucy and Daddy phoned the police and wrote out a description of Snowy for the shop notice board.

Next day, Lucy asked the other children at school if they had seen Snowy.  The children took the message home and asked their parents about Snowy.  Two days later, Lucy was having her breakfast and feeling sad because she missed Snowy so much, when she heard the hinge of the cat flap creak.  She ran to the back door and there was a bedraggled Snowy, she didn’t look much like snow, she was so muddy. She made her way to her food bowl.


‘Where have you been, Snowy?” asked Lucy as she cuddled her.  Snowy replied with a weak meow.  “How lovely to have Snowy back!” said Mummy, “We’d better send a message to everyone to tell them to stop looking because Snowy has come home.”



Answer these questions:


  1. How did Lucy’s family pass on the message that Snowy was missing?
  2. Who did they tell?
  3. What else could they have done?
  4. Why was it important to pass on the message that Snowy had returned?



Todays lesson is about passing on messages. 


During this time, its super important to stay in contact with someone. So your RE task for today is to write a letter to a family member who you can’t see! 

Tell them about all the things you have been getting up to and ask them how they are! 


(If you can’t send a letter, think about an email, or a video call)









Wednesday 13th May 



Guided Reading 

In the additional resources, there is a PDF of the entire book and the questions today will be based on Chapter 2.




What does the word crept mean?



Explain the word nocturnal. 



What colour was the surface of the street? 



What does the verb ‘ambled’ mean (p.8)? Can you use it in your own sentence?


Draw a picture of the road that Max and his family would have to cross to get to the park. Remember to include the house, the shops and the zebra crossing.


Phonics / SPG

Having a Giraffe!


Apostrophes to show missing letters – This is on Education City – Wednesday 13th May 


Following on from the diary entry we created in the role of Mary Seacole yesterday, we are going to create fact files for the rest of this week. 

We are going to build one together about Mary Seacole. Then on Thursday and Friday, you are going to research and create your own on Florence Nightingale. 


We need a title first – Mary Seacole. 


Then the first subheading will be titled – Mary’s life. 

In this section you need to put: where she was born, where she lived and make sure you include full sentences, capital letters/full stops and try and squeeze a couple of expanded noun phrases in. 


The next subheading will be – The Crimean War

In this paragraph, you will need to research and write what Mary did during this war. Mention her journeys, what she did when she arrived in Scutari and who she met. 


The next one will be called – The British Hotel

Describe the hospital Mary built here. What did she do? Who did she care for?


The last paragraph will be called ‘After the War’.

What did she do once the war was over? Did she stay in Scutari? 


About Turn! 


This is on Education City – building on the learning you did yesterday. 


How do plants spread their seeds?


There is a small activity at the bottom of this page that I’d like you to complete.