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Late/Absence Procedures

Lateness Procedures

The school gate is locked at 9.00 am.

If you are late, parents or carers are asked to report to the Reception area and to sign your child into the late book. 

Absence Procedures

If your child is going to be absent a phone call to school is required on the morning of the absence. You should ring in, on each day of your child's absence.

On your child's return to school we ask for a written note to explain the reason for the absence. If your child has a medical appointment which cannot be made outsid

Persistent lateness/absence

We understand on occasions being absent from school is unavoidable. However if your child's attendance drops below 90% at the end of each term a letter will be sent home to inform you. If attendance continues to be below 90% the EWO may become involved and Derbyshire's attendance procedures will be followed.

For forward details look at the Attendance and Punctuality Policy.

e of school hours please show the office evidence of the appointment.