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How Reception celebrated Hannukah

Reception have had a fantastic time this week learning all about the Jewish festival of lights 'Hanukkah.' 

To prepare for the celebration we;


Talked about what makes a special day. We practised our SPEAKING AND LISTENING skills to tell our talk partners what we would like to do on a special day.


We made a Menorah (a special candlestick with 9 candles) to decorate the centre of the celebration table. We linked this to MATHS learning about length by measuring the paper for the candles using a ruler marking 5 and 10 cms.  We decorated the Menorah with a star. Drawing stars is difficult but by using two triangles of the same size and turning one half way round it was a little easier.


No celebration is complete without friends, games and presents! We each designed a Hanukkah invitation to give to our friends in Year 1 and Mrs Quirke and we all made a dreidel (a spinning top toy.) It was fun playing with the toys and making new friends. (PSED)  We made a chocolate coin present by melting a bar of chocolate and putting a blob on paper to cool. We spoke about chocolate being able to melt and then harden again in a different shape. (UW)


Most of the children tried the celebration food of potato latkes and apple sauce but everyone ate the doughnuts. The food cooked in oil reminded us of the story of Hanukkah. (RE)


Thank you Year 1 for joining our Hanukkah celebration.