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Forest Schools Art 1

Forest Schools Art 2

KS1 Art Activity 3rd July

KS2 Art Activity 3rd July

Children's Artwork 26th June -3rd July

Art for the whole school Friday June 26th.


This week I would like you to draw, paint, collage or make a model of what has been the best part of not being in school for the last few months.  If you are a key worker child what has been the most fun you have got up to in school? 


Or paint, draw, or collage  what have you missed most about not being in school or being unable to do what you would normally do.


I'm looking forward to see what you've enjoyed or missed over the last few months! 

Please send photos of your creations to


Enjoy getting creative! 

Mrs Smith

Friday June 19th -Aboriginal Art for the whole school.

 Watch this video first, which will tell you a little about who the Aboriginals are and how they paint.  It also shows you how to make your own artwork.

You will need:

paper/card (inside of an old cereal box will do!),

paint and cotton wool buds, or fat felt tipped pens would work just as well.


For extra information and some explanations about what the symbols in the artwork mean, have a look at my Power point too.  I'm looking forward to seeing what you will create for me this week.  Please send photos of your work to


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Smith


NHS Competition Entries - Good Luck!

Friday 12th June


Charlie's Children


Mr Logan has started a collection of painted rocks near the entrance to school. We would love for the collection to grow so for this week's art project we want you to find a lovely rock and paint it to look like yourself. Then, if possible, walk down to school and add it to the collection. If you can't get to school to add your rock then just email us a photo of it. 

Pupil's Artwork 22nd May

This week’s Art Challenge is a competition! 


Designed by the NHS.


The learning resources are aimed at KS2 but if KS1 want to have a go then watch the video below for the main points of the competition.

Designed by the NHS, to say thank you to all their hard working staff.


I have uploaded a PowerPoint NHS Quiz for you to start with, then have a look at the Job Cards Document which can give you an ideas of some of the many jobs there are in the NHS.  I wonder how many of these different people you have met or know?  Which jobs are the most interesting to you or are the most important?


Now take a look at the Competition PowerPoint which has a little more information than just the video below.

Watch this link below to find out about the competition-


Please could you send all of your entries to me, Mrs Smith at the email below, I will need to upload them, so please can you send them to me by June 17th?


I look forward to seeing what you have created and have a lovely holiday!

Powerpoints and further information for NHS Competition

May 15th -The Craft Barn

The Craft Barn in Hadfield are putting on a virtual art show. They want entries from children to put into the exhibition. Click on the link below to find out more.

All entries must be emailed to the Craft Barn by Friday 22nd May, please send me a copy too, so I can put it in next week’s PowerPoint.


Thanks Mrs Smith 




Artwork 14th May- Just the one, from Y3's Ellie May ,absolutely stunning rainbow!

Pupil's Artwork from the last week- take a look!


Still image for this video

Cartoon Drawing with Children’s Illustrator, Rob Biddulph, (pinched from the Sunday Times Magazine!)

Why not try a character a day? Don’t forget to send me some of your pictures!! 

Fun Easter Arts and Crafts Ideas

 If your children, (or you), create artwork from these projects or, other ideas you have, please send them directly to me at this email.


I will then put together some Power Points, (probably weekly),showcasing the fabulous artwork that is being created by you all and post them in this section. Just as I have done for the African art that has come in over the last week.


I will add the African Art project under the Dream Jar one, just in case any one else wants to have a go.


Thank you

Mrs. Smith.


I'm looking forward so seeing some wonderful BFG Dream Jars.

Children's African artwork, take a look!

The BFG Art Challenge 1st April